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Monday, April 22nd, 2002

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Redhat Issues so far...

It's only day 3 or 4 of having a real OS on my machine and it feels great.. even tho i'm running into some small problems, i know they'll fix easy.. i do require help th0 from experienced users, cause i don't really want to bother the NeCromanCeR [netadmin / roomate] any longer..

Getting on with things..

Shell problems.. i can't get the shell to load at all anymore.. {I'm running redhat version 7.2 i believe.. not running the latest update, and the kernel isn't the laterst either.. Running KDE as well.. we never installed Gnome for some reason}

Another issue that goes with the shell problem is that i can't mount the network drives.. so i have some poking around to do..

Any Suggestions?

Current Mood: determined

just started looking for geeky communities, my journal has been kinda like my cyber-escape from my other cyber-escape if that makes any sense. anyways been a linux user since the 2.0.x days, figured id say hi, so hi.

oh and i think its stupid the community info has kde and gnome in its interests (in general) but doesnt list some of the window managers that arent bloat ware or dont core dump on you every five minutes.

oh well thats just imho
on a complete sidenote, i noticied there was a community for c++ and (eck) c# but not c, so i made one- its called cprogramming

join if your so inclined.
Quantitative Data on why OSS r0x0rs our s0x0rs

Its a really good read, and its something you could show to your boss.

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