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Monday, April 15th, 2002

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I'm confused:

RH 7.2, KDE, normal install.

When it boots up, I see it loads eth1 and it's [OK]

I ren ifconfig from root and eth1 has an IP, but when I try and ping I get an unknown host.

I do ifdown eth1 and ifup eth1 and it grabs an IP again, but I'm not able to get out.

I tried it on the eth0 card, but that doesn't grab an IP at all..
Curious about KWord
Can anyone state what the major differences between KWord 2.2.1 and KWord 3.x are? I looked at the website for KWord, and didn't spot any summaries of the new features. In particular I am interested in knowing if there have been any improvements in the following areas:

  • Document structure handling: a view of the document structure, navigation by document structure, etc.

  • Styles: better style handling. Allow things like setting up a single base style, then derriving other styles from that style. (In the current system there is no relationship between styles, making it too easy to have inconsistencies between styles.)

  • Indexing - I currently didn't see anything to handle indexes.

  • Bibliographies / References: I didn't see anything in the 2.2.1 version for handling these.

  • Internal document references: again, I didn't see anything in 2.2.1 for handling this.

  • Master documents: handling multiple seperate documents as a single larger document (used for producing books, large reports, etc.)

  • Better templates. The standard templates are minimalistic an un-useful at best.

    There's more stuff I have questions on, but these were the largest ones that I had on my list right off. Any input on them is appreciated!
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