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Sunday, April 7th, 2002

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OpenOffice ARGH!
Why must management always think Excel Spreadsheets are such a good way to keep track of things? Actually, that's another issue. The one I'm having right now is because of that though. The only spreadsheet program I've found that can read and write Excel files without too much hassle is OpenOffice. Problem is, I went through and turned off all the auto-correct options, and it still auto-corrects my capitalization sometimes. ARGH! I don't mind auto-correct, but it just becomes an evil pain in the arse if there is not a way to completely turn it off. If I wanted that kind of crap, I would just stick with Microsoft Office in Windows. I understand that they want to make OpenOffice as compatible and easy to use as possible, but there is such a thing as just going to far. Oh yeah, this is build 641, and it only seems to correct capitalization if I put punctuation at the end of the sentence. It will capitalize the first word even if I don't want it to. Sorry for the stupid rant. Its late, and I'm stuck at work.

Current Mood: bored
Shouldn't my computer be picking up the "Spring Forward" from a NTP server and change the time on its own?
tomorrow im ordering red hat 7.02. only $45 im pretty amazed at that since i seen it advitised in america for $50 which is pretty much double our money.
hi im new here, thought i'd say hi.

also anyone know what the deal with debian and kde3 is?
They are planning to release woody on may the 1st, so I'm wondering if kde3
will be part of that release or not.

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