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Thursday, April 4th, 2002

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howNOTto webcam
anyone got a spare monitor i can play with?
i'd like to try to set up multiple monitors on my test box, since that's what it's for. testing, webcam, compatability with the rest of the world... it's my easy box
i've got a pci video card (thanks to my boss, the coolest boss in the world) and i even got help setting up X (thanks ....uh..... some really cool guy on #debian)

two 'oh yea!'s
> l33t g00gl3
> irc... some cool irc... kuro5hin irc! yea that's it. hey can you tell i'm trying to get homework done?

oh yea, i can tell. i've almost got my webcam up too.
even tried something stupid (which isn't working YET, i'm determined to make this stupid work!)
wget http://ip_of_box_on_my_lan_w_webcam:port -O /pathto/fileon/mybox.jpg
sleep 1 #one whole second, gawd
scp -qB /pathto/fileon/mybox.jpg user@wherever.server.edu:public_html/cam.jpg
WELL! however fun that is, it's stupid. oh, and on top of that it doesn't work. i can't get any sort of authentication through scp automatically cause it's 5am, or something BLAH and i've work to be doing that i'm ignoring weeeee so i better get back to it blah

Current Mood: lazy
ssh-agent goodies
A while back since I couldn't find an easier method I wrote a little script to handle starting up ssh-agent and maintaining the environment information it needs. I call it upon logging in so I can be reasonably sure that ssh-agent is running at any given time, without having ten thousand ssh-agent processes running. It's mainly useful since I have cron jobs that scp stuff around.

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Ok. I really need to find a browser I can stand. I used Konqueror for a while, but I really didn't like it (along with not liking KDE). So I tried using Mozilla for a little while (I have no clue why I stopped, maybe I should try that again.) and have been using Netscape since. I really don't like it either.

Anything you guys can recommend?

Now I know already that I'll get comments that only say "Galeon" or "/\/\02|114" or something, but if you can tell me a reason or two why you like this browser.


Current Mood: annoyed
Logrotate is making me mad! =O
Folks who are familiar with logrotate and it's quirks. I have an issue with my apache log files rotating. Everytime, logrotate parses my logs, it creates two files in the directory, "logfile".1 and "logfile".1.1. Could anyone explain why? I've posted my apache logrotate conf file and the main logrotate file.

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Current Mood: hopeful

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