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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002

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Linux Mp3 Box
I have a HP Pavilion N3250 laptop and i want to put it in my car and use it as a Linux based Mp3 player. But i have one problem, what distro should i use and with what software? I would like the distro to be as light as possbile, possibly floppy based, although hdd based is OK to, just keep in mind i only have 1.1GB for linux,(i plan to keep Win98 on the box to, for other purposes) with a 60MB SWAP space. Also i have a Trident Cyberblade i7 AGP gfx card, which i cant seem to get to work above 640x480 at 16-bit color(and i could only get this with Slackware 4.0), so i would like everything to be console based if possible. BTW my mp3s will be running off CDROM for the record. thanx.
Medical Scanners Run Linux!
My dad drives for a company that moves P.E.T. scanners, they scan your brain and stuff like that. He printed out a scan of a brain for my mom and gave it to her to use as a bookmark(shes a medical student), i noticed KDE-like scrollbars on the printout so i asked him about the computers and if he knew if they ran Linux, as hes the one who sets up the units, and boots the onboard computers. He told me he sees stuff about Linux everytime he boots them, hes gonna check next time hes with one of the computers for me about what distro they run. I just thought that was kinda interesting and thougt i would share the info. I also thought it was kinda kewl knowing that when you have your brain or whatever scanned its been done with a linux box.
so i'm doing this assignment for school, so what i'm asking is quite specific:
i need to see the "ls" source code.
where is it?
i'm actually looking for how to convert the 'modified date' into human readable format. can people give me usefull hints on where to read the code?
thanks all
where can i get red hat??

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