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Monday, April 1st, 2002

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okay, so this isn't really a linux-specific question, but i figured there's plenty of networking gurus in this community who can answer this...

i've been wanting to setup a wireless network at home for some time now, but after reading tydel's rant about all the problems he had with linksys's stuff (which is what i was going to buy), i figured maybe i should get some additional opinions.

can anybody recommend any good wireless network equipment? specifically, i would need an access point, and a wireless pcmcia card for my laptop.


Current Mood: curious
Mandrake 8.2
I changed my mouse to "generic wheel mouse" from just plain "generic" I believe, and now it's not working.

I'm trying to move around the Mandrake Control Center to change it back, but keyboard commands don't seem to work.

Is there a config file I can edit manually to get the mouse back? Or is there some secret to moving around the control center with the keyboard that I can't figure out?


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