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Friday, March 29th, 2002

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k... I know I've asked this before but I've lost the answer...

Re: Linux Dual boot...

How do I "deconfigure" a dual boot (LILO) desktop from even offering the LILO option... I just want it go straight to windows...
upgrading to Redhat 7.2
I want to upgrade my box from Redhat 7.1 to Redhat 7.2 in the hopes it will clear up my sound card issues. I would like advice on the upgrade process. Should I make a clean install, or can I use the upgrade function on the CDRom?

Are there any helptul tips or traps and pitalls I should look out for? Do you think upgrading is a bad idea altogether?

I must admit I am nervous, because my box is mostly working and I would hate to lose much functionality.

Current Mood: hopeful
I run a webhosting provider, and someone seems to be using a cgi-script or php script to spam people. How would I go about figuring out what script is doing it?

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unix geeks wanted for testing
I put up a release of GtkSpell 2.0, the rewritten version for GTK 2.0.

Notably, this is much faster and a lot less flickery than the GTK 1.2 version.

There is still probably a bug or two wrt handling spaces at the beginning of a line (that may not be my fault-- I'm going to look into it more tonight but my simple test case indicates something's going wacky).
There are probably many more bugs with the way the autoconf'ing is set up, and I expect to learn about them as people on inferior (;)) systems try this out.

If there isn't anything horribly wrong, I'll announce it to the GTK list, too.
If you're is bored, sending me relevant files to include to make it packageable (Debian, Redhat?) would be nice, too.

Otherwise, if you ./configure --prefix=/usr && make install it only creates a few files, so it should be easy to remove: rm -r /usr/include/gtkspell* /usr/lib/libgtkspell* /usr/lib/pkg-config/gtkspell*.

(And yeah, my local copy of LogJam 3.1 uses it now, too. Whee...)

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