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Thursday, March 28th, 2002

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difficulty with sound drivers?
I run Redhat 7.1, though I have upgraded a number of libraries to their Redhat 7.2 counterparts. Ever since I installed this OS I have had a recurring problem with sound. Although sound will work for a time, it eventually seems to break.

I run xmms, and listen to internet radio streams. Sometimes when I lose a connection, I find that when I reconnect I can't hear anything. xmms acts like it is playing, and the visualizer keeps running but there is no sound. Even if I kill all instances of xmms and my sound daemon, the problem persists. This does not happen every time I lose a connection, but it always happens eventually. The only way I know to fix this is to restart the machine.

I am currently using esd (with the corresponding xmms plugin) for my sound daemon, but I was using the KDE arts daemon before and had the same results. I reported this as a bug to the xmms maintainers and they suggested it was a driver issue.

A friend suggested I change the sound permissions in /etc/security/console.perms to 666, but this did not fix the problem though it did clear up some other errors..

This is the one problem I have not been able to fix on my Linux installation. I am pretty stumped at this point and would like suggestions. Is there a way to upgrade just the drivers? Should I upgrade to Redhat 7.2? Is there a way I can reset the driver or whatever is dying, so I don't have to restart the whole system?

Current Mood: frustrated

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