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Sunday, March 24th, 2002

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pump still broken
and why isn't there a 'pump --version'? the bts says pump-0.8.11-5 fixed the problem. yea right, when my computer fails to renew at Sun Mar 24 21:01:12 2002, i think it will be time for me to submit a bug report *sigh*

well, my computer has not gone offline, and has renewed it's lease several times now. i guess it's all better *happy*

Current Mood: aggravated
mandrake or debian ?
(debating what to put on machine)
whats your view ?
logjam on mandrake 8.1
I have never been able to get logjam to run on my mandrake 8.1 machines.

It says it needs curl => 7.9

mandrake has an older version of libcurl..
i upraded to curl 7.9.5 and it still says it needs curl => 7.9 when i try to install the logjam RPM.

any suggestions?

Current Mood: blah

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