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Friday, March 22nd, 2002

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Oookie dokie. I've only asked two people about this, and I'd really like some more opinions.

I got a new laptop for Christmas. I really want to put Linux on it, but I've heard that it doesn't work that well on laptops. I've never used Linux before, but I have a few books and stuff on it.

I have discs for Red Hat and SuSe Linux.. If I were to put Linux on my laptop, which distro should I use? Should I even put it on my laptop?

By the way, the laptop is a Dell Latitude.

Thanks so much if any of you can help..

Current Mood: bored
School Project
At school we are going to have to work on a fairly major C project. I was thinking about setting up CVS to make it easy to work on all the components, but then was suggested to use RCS..

Are there any other good alternatives? and for RCS and others, where can i get some documentation on setup?
What do you think of BerkeleyDB?
Samba ACL support
Those of you who have Samba running on a system running a variant of linux, have you figured out how to enable the ACL system, enabling you to set read/write/execute access, for more than one user/group, unlike a UNIX filesystem, but more of a Windows NT file system?


Current Mood: contemplative

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