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Tuesday, March 19th, 2002

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right, i'm sure this is a simple question, i'm just not sure where to start. i know nothing of linux firewalls, or even if i have an internal firewall in my box.
short question: how do i enable ftp acess to my user[s]?
longer question: i've got a firewall/hub/router so my appartment mates and i can share our [sucky] dsl line. i recently added another small hub and a win2k box. (i labeled this box 'easy' because it's only purpose in life is to be compatable with everything. it's an easy box heh) i can ssh from 'easy' into my linux box, but i can't ftp. where do i start?

running debian
proftpd works great, thank you all =)

Current Mood: curious

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