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Friday, March 15th, 2002

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I was wondering if someone knew how to set up a desktop item in gnome that would auto-mount the cdrom and one that would do the same for the A: drive.

I originally thought I could do a shortcut to /mnt/cdrom/ and then onclick preform 'mount /dev/cd0a /mnt/cdrom'

but I dont think that worked because I had to set it up as a virtual link and I wasnt allowed to preform an onclick command...

but that was in kde....


also on that note of GUI's, whats a good windowmanager, so I can use a barebones p100 with a wm? I was thinking just to use enlightenment and see how that ran... but any ideas?
Hello everyone, just found this community.

I'm thinking about getting a new printer, probably a colour inkjet. Does anyone have any recommendations for one that will work easily with Linux?
Lesson of the day
I just had an "aha" moment that I felt like sharing with someone, and I figure that there are people in this community who would actually appreciate this:

I have a P100 system that I literally pulled out of my apartment complex's dumpster last fall, and I've finally found the spare time to try to get it set up as a Linux firewall. (Once it's working, I figure I'll sell it to a friend, since I honestly don't have use for yet another Linux box in my apartment.) Here's the tricky part: The floppy controller on the motherboard appears to be dead, and the BIOS on this motherboard doesn't support booting from a CD-ROM drive.

Fine, I say. I take the hard drive that I want to put into it, put that hard drive in a nearby dual-processor Pentium Pro system that I wasn't using for anything, and install RH 7.2. I then manually uninstall the i686 kernel RPMs and install the i586 kernel RPM, and I move the hard drive back into the target system.

It boots, but hangs right before starting init. I am left with the familiar message, "Freeing unused kernel memory: 216k freed". Now, I've had systems where the kernel couldn't find init before, which causes the kernel to say something like "Kernel panic: No 'init' found". However, this just hung silently. Hmmmm...

After double-checking to make sure that the hard drive still boots fine back back in the PPro, I resort to the tedium which is searching through Linux-help mailing lists. Eventually, I find the hint that wakes me up to the answer: I read a post where someone was having trouble recompiling glibc on an i686 system for an eventual i486 target. At this point I remember that Red Hat's glibc RPMs are also provided in architecture-specific flavors, and I hadn't replaced the i686 version of glibc back when I replaced the i686 version of the kernel.

So, if you have glibc compiled for Pentium Pro or better systems, and you try to boot on a Pentium, it hangs right after before starting init. And gee, it only took me a couple weeks to figure that out... ;-)

Current Mood: frustrated but relieved

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