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Tuesday, March 12th, 2002

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figures.... i followed the recompiling instructions on RH's site
noticed a few differences between what they had there for the
7.2 dist and my trusty o'reily linux book..
damned thing compiled, installed and is running merrily now...
now that i have that up and working.....
it's time to put 2k on that machine and RH on this one, heh......
Handheld issues....
I am willing to buy a handheld computer next days but I still don't really know, which one would be best to buy.
Right now my favorites are the Palm m515 and the Compaq iPaq H3870 or H3850. But I can't figure out, which one I should take. Or maybe there is another one I didn't even notice yet.

The most important criteria for buying are:

Linux compatibility (of course)
Available modules (I look forward to add GPS support for navigation and perhaps WLAN support)

Maybe I could even run the handheld with linux?

Any suggestions or tips are welcome of course. :-)

Current Mood: awake
Has anyone out there installed spamassassin with postfix ?
I know it works well with sendmail but we're getting conflicting
stories about it working with postfix ?

We're talking 900 users +.

Any info on this matter is appreciated.
Would a bunch of Linux machines on a hub be considred a true network? (accessing any machine via ssh) Or would I have to have a server that every machine logsinto at boot?
Cron Question
I need to write a cron job to run a php page each night on my site.
I've tried using wget (says wget not found) I've tried fetch (again command won't run)
I've also tried lynx -dump (I just get a comment that my terminal can process something).

I'm running 6.2 RH. So if anyone has a suggestion on how to get the page to process from the
cron thanks.

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