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Tuesday, March 5th, 2002

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Larry Wall is going to be speaking at the Perl Mongers meeting tonight. It's being held at the Netscape cafeteria, Bldg 22, 468 Ellis St, Mountain View, CA, at 7pm.
Transgaming's WineX

A few posts back bleed3r asked about the Mandrake Gaming Edition. Well, it's basically Transgaming's WineX (Wine pre-GPL with DirectX and Direct Sound augmentation). I finally bit the bullet and ponied up 10USD to be able to download the precompiled binaries. The source requires a version of GCC that I don't possess and I have seven GCC releases installed!

I don't play any new games; I never have. Mostly I play the Tomb Raider series and a few odd "modern" games and a few demos. Here's what I have to report:

  1. None of the TRs will run.
  2. Forsaken bugs out when creating a Window, but that's more than it does under original Wine.
  3. Heretic II runs much more smoothly than it ever did under Codeweaver Wine
  4. I haven't tried SIN yet, but since it's DirectX 6; I doubt strongly it will run.
    update: It does, perfectly.
  5. Halflife demo runs acceptably fast, but the sound is unreliable (by unreliable I mean better than non-existent. I don't own the fullgame. Maybe I'll fish it out of the bargain bin in five years.)

So as every WineR eventually whines, "It's better than it was, but it's what doesn't run that pisses me off!"

Five dollars was worth it, but not by much; ten was not - all that ties me to Windows is TR and I'd love to free up that schmeggy 6 gigabyte partition!

Meanwhile, anyone else find old games that run? I'm well aware of the lists on Linuxgames, and frankly there's a much more complete list in the paid user section of Transgaming. I'm interested in anyone's personal experiences with running older Windows games. Anyone?

Another note: while it's admirable that some games are being ported to native Linux, in the long term I think we'll see more chance of Windows' games over Wine(X?) than a mass of native ports. Why? Simpler for the developers, easier on the game developers' code base. Without the overhead of fullblown Windows to slow the games execution, the games run faster. The emulation layer of Wine seems transparent and non-existent. What Windows gaming company could resist such simplicity?

Okay, so maybe Bungee can...


Current Mood: barely satisfied customer

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