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Sunday, March 3rd, 2002

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hey all, running RH 7.2 on a headless dual celery 533 (gotta love Xwin)
anyone else notice that it's pretty much impossible to get a working recompile
of the kernel and modules from like, RH7.0 on?

anyway, i'm passed that issue, the stock kernel is fine for what i use the machine for....
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Hello all. Just got a new box... thinking about dual booting win2k, red hat. typical deal, but with installation, Ive experienced that when you dont go in with a clear game plan, something goes screwy... so im making a list, if Im overlooking something, please let me know...

1. fdisk. hda1, linux native. hda2, fat32. hda3, fat32. (for mp3s)
2. install redhat on hda1.
3. install lilo. (master boot partiton, or first sector? never understood the difference)
4 install win2k on the second partition
5. rewrite the lilo.conf so i can boot the win2k partition

i know linux can read fat32 partitions, but can they write to them?

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