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Tuesday, February 26th, 2002

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after a horrible weekend, and a wonderful day (i got to hang out with rachael!) i started on making my cdrw work in linux.
oh GOD that was a nightmare. i had to ask my roommates ploitely to stop making fun of linux since i was on the verge of installing win2k just to get the damn drive recognised *ggrrrrrr*
i didn't need to though! last minute i found pump, which brought my internet connection into full usage under kernel 2.4.17, which i needed to use for cdrecord (which is kernel version specific). that and i needed to include scsi emulation into my kernel anyway... i'd like to thank everyone at #debian on irc.debian.org for helping me out with this one.

i've been wrestling with making a working kernel2.4.17 since i wiped rh off my system a while ago (see backissue in my journal, if you _really_ want) and put debian on (mmmmm, love sid) and now i finally got it working (why, WHY do i need to include support for symetric multiprocessing in my kernel if i only have one chip???) anyway, this is my first post to the linux community, hi +)

notes on cdrw:
i couldn't get dhcp working in 2.4.x, so i used pump (pump -i eth0)
include scsi support, and under scsi include scsi cdrom, general scsi
then in ide/~~~~ include scsi emulation (you have to do it in this order so the option is here, this ide section is on top, but the emulation option only shows up if you select scsi below)
modules that needed including: ide-scsi, sg, sr_mod(?)

Current Mood: exhausted

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