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Saturday, February 23rd, 2002

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A little something to generate a discussion...
So what do you think the best distro of Linux is? Please give us a reason why. Also if it's an obscure or unheard of one give us a link to the distro.

My choice is RedHat, it's easy to install, get running, and is fairly straight forward. Also it's the only distro I have used. I would like to take sometime and sit down with Slackware and Debian and look at the differences, but I haven't as of yet.
Procmail Idea
Has anyone ever writen a procmail recipe that filtered out addresses on incoming emails and added them to a file of some sort?
I have my own domain and access to my own personal apache machine. The account at the hosting company only allows for 500megs of data to be stored, however I get the benefit of having my own personal apache webserver so I can install my own mods, have scripting support (cgi,php,sql,perl,etc...), host blocking, and all the rest. That is all fine and good and very much neeed, but the 500megs of space for this host is limiting. To remedy this problem I found a web hosting place that will allow me to have unlimited space and transfer allotment, however when users go to binaryoverlord.com and pick a file out of my archives to download the adress will show up as "myfreehost.freehostadress.com/filename.extention" instead of "arch.binaryoverlord.com/filename.extention". I know I can install vhosts on my apache machine, I was wondering if I could setup some sort of vhost for the space at the freeshosting site? Could I do a symbolic link from my apache machine to the space at the freeshoting site? So /freehost/users/myaccount/arch/filename.extention would be linked as /payhost/myaccount/arch/filename.extention? Sorry if this is all too confusing Despite having worked with unix/linux for a while I am ignorant to the world of apache, as I have only used unix/linux systems for programming.

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