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Thursday, February 21st, 2002

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Help! Security! Call Security!
Hm. I just got an email saying that there are port scans originating from my webserver. And I know I'm not running any. And the other main user of it isn't running any either.


Any suggestions on how to assure myself that there is a hacker, how to get rid of said motherf'ing bastard & how to prevent this crap from ever happenening again?

Update: All right, I'm dumb, I forgot to post this stuff.
OS: Red Hat Linux (either 6 or 7)
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Current Mood: pissed off
Hi I'm new, and a question as well.
So I'm another new guy, I've been playing with Linux for a while. Here lately I have started to pretty much breathe it.

So here is the question. On Red Hat 7.2 starting the system in runlevel 3, how can I change the login entry prompt.

RedHat 7.2 (Engima)
hostname login:

I would Like to change it from hostanme login: to just :


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