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Sunday, February 17th, 2002

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newbie question
Who do some utilities come with an ISO extension ?
What if the person doesn't have a CD burner ?
The file in question was 56mb's.
Red Hat Question:
How can I get a command not found error on the 'shutdown' command? even as root i get that. how odd..
Hello Everyone
Hello, I am new to the linux community in general I have been using linux roughly one month. I just thought that I should join you all for I have a number of questions that need to be answered.

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What pisses me off most about Windows X-spurts
Excuse me for having posted this here. It just didn't fit in my journal, and I figured there are people hereabouts who might appreciate the sentiment.

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VanLUG meeting
This message is intended for the linux-using or linux-curious people in the community that live in or around Vancouver (and I know there's a couple of you ;)).

Tommorrow Evening from 7pm - 9:30pm, there will be a Vancouver Linux Users Group (VanLUG) meeting held at the Telus Theatre (SE6) on the BCIT campus. Topics for the evening include:

  • "The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol" with Luca Filipozzi (UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering)

  • "Factors to Concider When Setting Corporate Software Standards" with Brad Duholke (Borland International)

  • Also, there will be some coordination for our booth at the upcoming Comdex in the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

    The is no admission cost, all are welcome :) If you'd like more information on VanLUG itself or need instructions for driving or bussing it, feel free to drop me an email at tydel@tydel.com.

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