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Thursday, February 14th, 2002

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Any ideas? This happened twice so far...since I added a Western Digital ATA100 20GB hard drive to the secondary master IDE channel (Abit BP6 board) and since I compiled EXT3 into the kernel and started using it...running kernel 2.4.17.

Any ideas are GREATLY appreciated, as this isn't a good thing to have happen on a server (and subsequently hang the machine).

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anyone know of a file transfer plugin for gaim 0.43? also, i'm having problems running the configuration for logjam 3.0.2, it's not finding my gtk-config script. i'm a linux n00b, so sorry if these are stupid questions. any help is appreciated. thanks :)
Compressed Filesystem?
Anyone know of a (truly) compressed filesystem for Linux? NT has the option to have a partition act as a compressed volume transparently, hell even old skool DOS has DriveSpace, does Linux have any good options for this? I found zlibc but it's read only and only works on individual files.

I'm thinking something like this would work pretty well on a log file directory, or a large web root directory. It's not that I really need the HD space it just more of "you should be able to do this."

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