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Thursday, February 7th, 2002

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Make Evolution use VIM for its editor widget.

I'm looking into making LogJam support using VIM. ;)
Laptop graphics chipsets
I'm shopping for a new laptop, and considering the Inspiron 4100 or 8100 with UXGA screen. I'll be running Linux on it.

Among current Dell offerings (ATI Mobility Radeon, NVidia GeForce2 Go, ATI Mobility Radeon 7500), what's best supported under Linux? My concerns (in order of importance) are stability, correctness, performance, ability to run a separate X display on an external display, and avoiding closed-source software.

Another question: How much am I going to notice performance differences between different cards, given that I'm not a gamer? My current laptop is sluggish when viewing and editing digital photos, running VMware, or scrolling in complex PDFs; I'm not sure whether boosting the graphics in a new laptop will make me happier, or whether these tasks are CPU-bound and the CPU is all that'll really make a difference.

Struck by inspiration.
Ok. I've been running GIMPS for a while now, but I had an idea. Run GIMPS as my background so everything functions normally but I see the output of GIMPS over my background.

So I set a subset of xterm to have no title bar, etc in WMWindowAttributes and get it running behind and transparent and whatnot as seen here.

Problem: Since it's an actual window, when I right click attempting to get my menu, I right click on the xterm and end up highlighting text instead of getting the desired window.

I know how I need to set this all up in .Xdefaults, WMWindowAttributes, and .xinitrc, I just have no clue how to get it either to ignore input or be "below" the background but showing. Any information would be cool.

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