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Sunday, February 3rd, 2002

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AHHHHHHHHH anyone else have experience w/ a apc ups pro and the monitoring software? well after fighting w/ the simple monitoring daemon as well as powerchute plus i wrote my own monitoring software...not too hard to listen to the serial port. it's pretty limited right now...if power is out for 30seconds it pages my phone...going to also add if the battery is almost dead to shut down...now the question is how do i write it to run as a daemon...for that matter if anyone has success w/ *nix + apc software i'd love to hear how to get it to work b/c the powerchute plus gives a lot of stats i'd love to see. Well, back to coding.
More on mod_throttle!
I ended up trying two other machines and they both had weird problems compiling mod_throttle... about that time someone sent me the link to mod_bandwidth which compiled in a snap.

Just FYI for anyone wanting to make Apache limit transfer speeds, that's how I solved my problem. I know have certain vhosts locked down and other going full speed. Works really well, and quite simply as well.
Would I be right in assuming that if my laptop was dragging ass with windows 2000 that it would do the same with a linux distro running x-windows?

It's a dell inspiron 3200, PII 233, 2mb video card, 144mb RAM.

I'm also running an SMC wireless PCMCIA card so there's that also.

I would be leaning towards RH, mandrake or SUSE..

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