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Monday, January 21st, 2002

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Joysticks in X
For the last couple of days I've been searching for documentation on how to get a joystick set up as a device in XFree 4. Can't find anything. It's not in the docs that came with the xfree86-common package (deb), not on linuxdoc.org and I'm getting nothing helpful on Google.

Of course I may be going about it the wrong way. All I really want it set up in X for is so that I can play XMAME games with it. Is there some other way? The documentation for XMAME says:

3.20 How do I enable XinputExtensions X11 based joystick in Xfree86?

You need to edit XF86Config to enable the XInput section. See the manual page for XF86Config.

And that's the only time the docs even mention a joystick.

I've confirmed that the joystick works (prboom and zsnes like it).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
kudos to me
I just took the plunge from RH7.2 to slackware 8.0.

somehow I feel alot smarter.

I seem to have to try alot harder with slackware.

thats not a bad thing.
Reset ifconfig?
If I do an /sbin/ifconfig eth0

It returns:

eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:30:48:11:6D:9B
inet addr:12.111.170.XX Bcast:12.111.170.XXX Mask:
RX packets:37185502 errors:56 dropped:91 overruns:3 frame:0
TX packets:30483720 errors:156 dropped:92 overruns:18 carrier:1
collisions:0 txqueuelen:100

What I want to do is reset the statistics for that particular interface. It would help me troubleshoot this ethernet link. There is no reset command with ifconfig, netstat seems the next likely target, but that doesn't have much either.
is there an equivalent to /proc/net/dev on Solaris?
Today at work I got thrown a job the system admin should do, except he is a moron. One of the District Managers wanted to upgrade (or downgrade) her computer from win95-win98. So he gave her some disk, told her to run this and it would make it all spiffy.

it of course did not.

So around 2pm at work she comes over to me and is begging me to come over and try to fix her laptop. There is 'mission critical' data on the harddrive so formating is rather far from the answer, although it IS the last result.

so where does linux play a hand? Thats where this job gets 'fun'

You cannot boot into regular windows. You can however get into safe mode. This is however futile because you cant to much of squat inside of safemode. You cant repair windows98 because its an upgrade to 98 not actually 98. you cant move files off the computer, because there is no a: drive.

So what does one do? They get creative.

Soo to end this pointless, space taking rant... I am going to try and install a small, under 50 meg distro of linux on her 140megs of free space. I figure I can mount the c: drive and ftp in off my slack machine and steal all her data off. So what does one use for a really small distro of linux to use for this type of precision scalping? The distro has to be somewhat easy to get onto laptops... and keep in mind I am not a linux god. yet ;)

so lemmie know what yall think I should try for a linux distro, I figure it would be best to fit in as much background as I could get away with because maybe someone has a better idea to solve my laptop 'issues'. if not, just a distro suggestion would be more then appreciated.

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