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Tuesday, January 8th, 2002

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kernel rpms

Basically, the kernel likes to make noise for certain Athlon motherboards with regards to a supposedly faulty timer. its not really faulty. these rpms should fix the noisy whining.
how to make a programs menu in sawfish
i could never find on the net how to get sawfish to display the programs i use the most when i middle click the desktop -> Programs. I had to look in some of the Debian sawfish lisp files on how to..

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Memory size error
total: used: free: shared: buffers: cached: Mem: 133795840 31526912 102268928 0 4685824 13647872 Swap: 600403968 0 600403968 MemTotal: 130660 kB MemFree: 99872 kB MemShared: 0 kB Buffers: 4576 kB Cached: 13328 kB BigTotal: 0 kB BigFree: 0 kB SwapTotal: 586332 kB SwapFree: 586332 kB

I just installed a 256MB chip into my server, running kernel 2.2.15, and it's still registered as it was when I just had 128. I have no monitor (or even videocard), keyboard, mouse et al on this computer, only a network card and power (so I can't check if the motherboard physically recognized it as 128MB or 256 easily)...

Basically just wondering if there's some limitation or something; if this is a known issue with 2.2.
Aha! It's the motherboard... this is some crappy hi density RAM that wouldn't work in my pIII, so out of curiousity, I threw it on my server (the motherboard stranglely supports every RAM chip I've put in it, even though it's only a Socket 7 motherboard) and added the mem=256M -- it panicked. It's all good now, though. That frees the 128 I *did* have in it, which is at least something, right? ;)

Thanks (:

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