WesM (wesmills) wrote in linux,

Here's an interesting one for the assembled Linux users ...

My colo server has 7 IPs bound to it (eth0 and then eth0:1-6). I know that daemons can bind to specific IPs and specific ports (i.e. I have two instances of qmail running, one listening on .140 port 25 and the other listening on .141 port 25), but is it possible for me to have a program that specifies what IP a program launched by it will communicate *out* on?

For example: When I run ircii, it binds to the IP on eth0 (.140). What I would like to be able to do is, say, this: $ bindip ircii [params] ... Launched in this way, ircii would see .142 as the "default" IP and use it as its source in communicating outbound to other hosts.

Is this doable? Does it make sense?
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