Agnus Dei (jackal) wrote in linux,
Agnus Dei

How to fix Shockwave Flash plugin crashing in Chromium browser under Ubuntu

THE BUG: Upgraded Chromium browser on ubuntu shows "The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash" when you go to youtube.

Previously I posted on how to downgrade your version of Adobe Flash Plugin to make it work with the Chromium browser under Ubuntu.

Well with the newest update it now WARNS YOU each time if you try to use the older version of the plugin. And you have to click to accept the warning that you are using the older version of the plugin.

So I found another work around to enable the Chromium browser to be able to play youtube videos.

* 1- Open FIREFOX and go to Youtube. Select any video and when it loads and starts playing RIGHT CLICK inside the video to get a menu and select "Settings".

* 2- In the settings window you should see a popup window labeled "Adobe Flash Player Settings" like this.

* 3- UNCHECK the setting for hardware acceleration.

Now go open up a new CHROMIUM window and youtube videos should play fine.
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