Mike (poseidon) wrote in linux,

RAID questions

Hey all,

I'm looking to build a server to protect my data at home. I'm wondering if anybody has experience with the debate I'm having.

I'm going to use Ubuntu to build a software RAID 6 system. I was wondering about adding disks to the array afterward. Is it a real pain to do? And is it safe? I want to get my server built soon but buying the hard drives I need is going to be expensive. Should I save up the money and buy all of my drives at once or is it relatively simple to create the array with, say, 5 disks and then add one at a time as my storage needs increase?

I don't mind if it takes time to rebuild the array. I can let it do the calculations overnight and when I'm at work but is it going to put my data at risk if I add a hard dive every few months and have to rebuild the array each time?

Thanks guys!
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