Val (vace117) wrote in linux,

Linux Network Server

Not specifically a Linux question, but I can think of no better group of people to ask this...

The time has come to decommission my more than 10 year old network server, still running Slack 9, no less. Oh Slackware, we've had so much fun together :). However, the hardware started failing in the poor old thing, so I'm preparing for a slow migration to a new server, before this becomes an emergency 1 night long project :).

Anyways, this box has 3 network cards in it and it's responsible for all of the routing and network related services in the house (routing, firewall, squid, apache, ftp, ssh tunneling relay, etc).

Since I'm replacing the whole system, I decided to look into dedicated network server systems, but I have no experience with that sort of hardware at all, so I would love any suggestions you may have.

The server must satisfy the following:
- Fanless
- 3 NICs
- Cheaper than $400
- Kind of like this, actually:

Any recommendations?
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