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Updating remote SVN working copies.

I have a local Subversion repository of a Web site I am developing for class. The actual live Website itself (this is a simple site as these things go, there is no testing server) is simply a Subversion working copy. The repository is not available on the general Internet, it is on my laptop behind a NAT router, etc. I only have SSH/SFTP access to the box.

What is the best way to update (svn up) a working copy on a remote SFTP server? Using SSHFS (FUSE) does not seem to work (it apparently does not like the system calls being used by the subversion client), the only thing I can get to work is using the SFTP client built into gVFS (GnomeVFS successor in GNOME 2.22 and later) via FUSE (one of the new features of gVFS is that it exports all the "volumes" that it mounts to a FUSE mount located at '$HOME/.gvfs'. So if I have a network folder mounted in GNOME titled "sftp on cs4.sunyocc.edu" there will be a directory /home/andrew/.gvfs/sftp on cs4.sunyocc.edu/ under which the remote SFTP's server's directory tree will appear). This is, however, slow enough to be annoying when I am frequently committing and updating to test the site.

Does anyone know a good way to keep a remote working copy in sync with a local repository? Subversion is not available on the remote server, but there is a static binary distribution for RHEL that I could put in my home directory if it would help.
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