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wanting to learn


i was talking to my dad today and he was showing me so of the basic things you can do on konsole and telling me all this stuff. and he was kind of teaching me all the basics.
anyways, it got me to thinking and i really want to expand my horizons in the things that i do on my computer. i would like to try many things before college so i can figure out what i want to do (ive been thinking about possibly something computer related) and since i have basically grown up on linux and now have my own linux run computer (kubuntu) i might as well try and learn what i can now.
so i guess my question is how should i go about starting to try and teach myself commands etc.
any advice, background info, what have you in greatly appreciated, i like learning new stuff. random facts are always fun.

thank you so much for your help!

(im coming to you guys because i know you guys have experience from all the stuff i see ya'll post and im sort of just like "whoa" haha.)

x-posted linuxnewbies
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