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"Hello," said the newbie..

::waves:: Hi all, I just joined. I've been using Linux for....a while now.. (less than a year, more than 6 months) but meh, I still haven't grasped all of its oddities. Doubt I ever will, for that matter ^^ But anyway, I have a quick question.

I just looked through the last issue of Linux Journal (okay, okay..I admit! It was my dad's copy - I am not leet enough to have my own, lol) and there's a li'l Tech Tip thingy about things you can do to a Mozilla file called user.js...to specify things like minimum font size, or whether popups are enabled or whatever.

Most of this stuff I guess can be done using CSS, but I liked

which blocks popups only while the page is loading. Then if a site runs entirely in a popup (which I hate, btw) you can still make THAT popup...well, pop.

Anyway! This explanation has gotten longer than neccessary. My question is: where can I find more user.js tricks for Mozilla?

PS. I checked the website they linked to (http://www.mozilla.org/unix/customizing.html) for those who haven't seen this yet...the site *does* say there could be more useful thingamajiggies..so...anyone know? ^^
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