Mostly harmless (corto) wrote in linux,
Mostly harmless

FTP question

I have several little issues following the deployment of a new server (RedHat 87.2).

A key one is a problem with FTP.

If I ftp from that host to another... no problem. Works like a charm.

When I ftp to that host (from either my internal 192 network or from the outside) it (ftp) lets me authenticate my user but when I issue a command (i.e. ls or put) the prompt respods with;

ftp> put test.txt
local: test.txt remote: test.txt
227 Entering Passive Mode (206,191,28,136,94,176)

and just hangs there.... dead... If I wait about 2 minutes the connection will time out.

Some background. I'm using IPTABLES (via the script... but from what I can tell, the rules are open for FTP. and if they were closed... why would I be able to authenticate?

Any ideas?
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