Deadly Bulb (deadlybulb) wrote in linux,
Deadly Bulb

Laptop WM question

Hey all,

I have a Gateway Solo 2300 Laptop (200MMX, 32MbRam, 3Gb HDD) and I have installed RH 7.2 on it. The little sucker flies in the console but if I attempt a gui session in gnome... forget it. I am talking about a 5 - 7 minute load time and dont even get me started on running any apps. Needless to say I need a better solution.

Now, I am a total n00b in the X11 department and could use some advice. I have heard that WindowMaker and iceWM are lighter on the resources but I have failed at getting them installed. I have tried to compile the latest versions and I get that I am missing some X11 libraries. The app does not say which ones and I have found very little documentation on WM's of any kind.

Basically here are my questions:
- What libraries do I need for WindowsMaker 0.80.0 and RH 7.2?
- Which WM suits my needs best considering my hardware?
- In reference to the above question, is there enough documentation on it to assist in my install?
- If all else fails.. is there a good console word processor w/some nice features (spell check, paragraph options, etc.)?

Any/all comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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