Zenten (zenten) wrote in linux,

Getting a rolling screen while booting from arch linux installer

So, this problem is one that originally existed for me with the latest Ubuntu stable live CD. It did not happen with an old Live CD I had from 2007. I ended up trying the netboot install CD for Arch because I've been thinking of switching to this distro anyway, and when I saw the same problem happening I thought I'd come here. I gave this preamble because it might help point to where the issue is (something in more recent versions of the kernal maybe?)

So here's what happens. I boot from the 64 bit netinstall CD. It goes along the boot process fine until I get to:

Waiting for udev uevents to be processed

Note, I'm only pretty sure that's what it says, as I have to write it down from my own memory as the screen is unreadable after that point.

A bit after that the screen starts scrolling rapidly, like it's out of sync or something. I can't really read anything on the screen because it's scrolling so fast.

In terms of hardware I have an older 64 bit system, with a video card going to an analog TV (old style, not HD). I think I can get more hardware info from the install CD from the menu before it actually gets to booting up the system, if there is some sort of specific information that would help.

I've tried adding nomodeset, 1 and s to the kernel line (all separately), no effect.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Edit: A friend of mine figured it out. I added vga=normal nomodeset to the end of the kernel boot line, and it worked from there.
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